Good Times & Tan Lines

Good Times & Tan Lines

When shopping for tees, my criteria for the most part always stays the same. Super soft fabric, versatile, and a bit oversized. Add all that with a super cute text and I’m pretty much sold. I’ve been wearing this “Good Times and Tan Lines” tee pretty much any chance I get. I love the saying and it couldn’t be more fitting for the summer season. This tee goes with so many different types of styles which is another reason why I love it so much.

Below I show you a few different ways I wear this tee to relate to certain styles or places I might end up. The outfit possibilities are endless! 

For a girly touch, I went for this fun pink printed skirt and strappy wedge sandals. Then I tucked the tee in and opted for a bright pink lipstick- for obvious reasons. 

If black heeled chelsea boots don't scream badass, then I don't know what does. These heeled booties and black/grey ombre shorts compliment the Good Times and Tan Lines tee so perfectly with it slightly hanging off the shoulder. 

Next, I really wanted to achieve that "Cali" boho vibe that everyone desires. So I knotted the tee, wore it with shorts, added a cardigan, sported a long necklace and some western-inspired suede booties. Wear your hair in tousled waves and you've got beach girl written all over you! 

Life Hack: If you sleep past your alarm and need to get ready quick yet look somewhat like you have your life together wear the following: 1. Cropped leggings. I went for grey ones featuring bright neon green stripes down the side in hopes that it will help distract people from the giant bags under my eyes. 2. Good Times and Tan Lines Tee off the shoulder. Duh. 3. Fun printed sports bra, 4. workout shoes (again mine are over the top and silver strictly for distraction purposes) and 5. bug eye sunglasses. The bigger the better. 

Beach days are probably my favorite days. Unfortunately I am landlocked so I've had to compromise and learn to appreciate pools a little more. When going to meet up with friends at the pool, I like to just wear this tee over my swimsuit and go on my way. The hem is long enough to cover your cute bum for when you go out to get ice cream (or out of the pool area). However, tying it up when hanging out around the pool makes for a super trendy coverup. I especially love wearing it by the pool when I have bright bikini bottoms on; the black and neon contrast so perfectly!


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